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Energy Diversity
Depending on only a few energy resources makes the country vulnerable to volatile prices and interruptions to the fuel supply.

Firming Wind
Historically, utilities have been cautious about integrating wind and other renewables into their power mix due to their non-firm nature. With rising fossil fuel costs and shortages, the industry is beginning to consider firming renewables with fossil generation to leverage the advantages of abundant "free" fuel.

Energy Security
The nation's fossil fuel dependence also has serious implications for national security, since the United States must act to protect foreign sources of oil to meet our energy needs.

Rising Electricity Costs
America's non-diversified fuel mix exposes customers to the risk of increased electricity costs, due to:

  • Volatile and rising natural gas prices
  • More stringent environmental regulations, including limits on carbon dioxide emissions
  • Reduced hydroelectric output due to prolonged drought
  • An increasingly overloaded transmission system that threatens reliable power delivery