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Developing a wind project is complex, high-risk, and labor and capital intensive. Foresight Wind Energy provides:

  • Wind energy technical, financial, power marketing, permitting and project management expertise
  • Ready access to risk capital
  • Market knowledge and industry relationships
  • Partnership opportunities for land owners, tribes and other developers, including equity participation in projects

Land Use
Modern utility-scale wind farms are compatible with rural land uses like ranching and farming. Foresight targets wind project development in rural areas where wind resources are abundant and the operation of a wind park is compatible with these types of existing land uses. Modern wind projects are spread out over fairly large areas, but have a very small footprint, typically only taking 1-2% of the land out of use for other productive activities. Each turbine removes approximately 0.5 - 1.0 acres of land from active production.

Project Life
Wind parks typically are designed to operate for a minimum of 20 years. Each project is unique, but initial land leases and power purchase agreements are typically structured for 20 years with options for renewal. Wind plants are decommissioned when they are no longer in operation, and disturbed land can be restored and returned to its original state.

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