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Foresight is in one business: wind energy. We develop and build wind farms. We're responsive, we work efficiently, and we're onsite to work with land owners, project partners and community members to ensure a successful wind project.

Land Owners
Foresight builds long-term partnerships with land owners. We design a business partnership based on mutual respect and concern for the land, and fair-share returns for land owners. Every project is unique. Every project offers different levels of participation and economic return for the land owner. Options include lease payments, royalties, and equity participation in project development and/or ownership.

We are committed to extensive public outreach and education to ensure support throughout the community. We welcome input, we share information, and we build trust.

Policy Makers
We work closely with elected officials and staff to ensure that all interested parties have the information they need to inform permitting and land use decisions.

Project Partners
We seek out local partners for each of our projects. This ensures compatibility with local communities and provides opportunities for partner organizations to participate in the exciting field of wind energy development.

  • Tribes/Pueblos - for Native American Tribes, we create project teams that include participation by tribal staff, tribal leaders, and include mentoring and learning opportunities for youth and students.

  • NGOs/Universities - we tap into the resources of local universities and conservation organizations.
    For example, the U.S. Geological Survey Coconino Plateau Research Center and the Northern Arizona University Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Program are both partners in carrying out biological assessment and survey work for the Sunshine Wind Park project in northern Arizona.

    Foresight has also partnered with local organizations to develop opportunities for utility-scale wind projects in native lands in the Four Corners region.

  • Early Stage Wind Developers - Foresight will partner with new entrants to the wind development market to guide projects through to successful completion. Foresight will structure relationships based on fully utilizing the capabilities and assets of development partners and compensating them fairly for their contributions to the process. Foresight brings ready access to development capital and the full range of expertise to get projects done.

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