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Foresight Wind Energy is committed to helping Native American tribes fulfill their goals for:

  • Clean energy development
  • Sustainable tribal economies
  • Employment and human capacity building
  • Land use management compatible with cultural and environmental values

Our Philosophy

"To work in partnership with Native American Tribes to maximize their economic benefit and ensure a successful working alliance.

To tailor wind energy technical, financing, power marketing and project development expertise to match each Tribes' needs for renewable energy resource development and their desire to retain equity in projects developed on their lands.

To use a holistic approach to tribal wind energy development that maintains a balance with the use of the land, water, and natural resources while enhancing the human, cultural and economic resources."

Foresight Wind Energy is currently working with the Hopi Tribe in Arizona and has completed a feasibility study with Pueblo of Laguna in New Mexico. Project discussions are underway with other Tribes throughout the West. Foresight seeks to tailor each partnership with a tribe to meet that particular tribe's concerns, interests, and capabilities. Projects can be structured for equity participation by Tribes.

Foresight works closely with non-government organizations to collaborate with Tribes to win grant funds and design business opportunities and structures to maximize economic, educational and environmental benefits through renewable energy development.

Wind Energy Development on Tribal Lands brochure PDF

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