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Wind power's low cost, price stability, low environmental impact and rapid development make it increasingly attractive in today's highly volatile energy markets. Large commercial/industrial energy consumers and smaller utilities can reap the benefits of wind energy. However, the intermittent nature of wind generation poses unique and complex challenges for smaller systems. Foresight's principals have worked with generators and large consumers to find solutions since the development of the first utility scale wind projects in the California market over twenty years ago.

Integration of wind into an economic generation or supply portfolio requires an understanding of the entire supply chain, from generation development through transmission to real time power market dynamics. A combination of technical and procurement approaches can be used to address the multi-faceted engineering, financial, market and regulatory challenges to the development of a successful wind energy program.

Foresight has provided analysis and consulting to a broad range of large industrial facilities and small and medium sized utilities for wind energy integration and optimization into supply and generation portfolios. Foresight's renewable integration work includes industrial facilities in the mining industry, gas extraction industry, and various manufacturing sectors throughout the U.S. Foresight's knowledge and experience encompass the full spectrum of disciplines that are critical to successful evaluation and integration of wind into smaller systems, including:

  • Utility tariffs, including both demand and energy charge structures
  • Real time behavior of wind plant output
  • Real time behavior of loads and resources
  • Forecasting of wind output at different time scales
  • Renewable Energy Credit (REC) markets
  • Federal, state and local tax incentive programs
  • Transmission and interconnection rules and requirements
  • Jurisdictional requirements of state regulatory agencies
  • Principles of Industrial Ecology and green site development
  • Financial analysis
  • Technical analysis of generation alternatives

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