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Foresight Wind Energy, LLC, is an affiliate of Foresight Energy Company, a leading renewable energy consulting group founded in 1996 with extensive consulting experience related to wind power. Foresight Energy Company's consulting clients and engagements have included:

  • Wind and other renewable developers - project development assistance
  • EPRI - developed and authored the EPRI Wind Technology Assessment Guide, 2003
  • Utilities and Power Marketers - renewable energy marketing & procurement
  • California Energy Commission - developed regional renewable energy supply forecast for the Western US, including all renewable technologies.
Foresight Energy's principals founded Foresight Wind Energy, LLC in 2002 to focus their wealth of experience on developing new wind projects. We have 180 MW of wind projects ready for construction in 2007 in New Mexico and Arizona and over 1000 MW of additional wind projects in various stages of development. Foresight Wind Energy's personnel draw on a deep pool of experience, both from consulting work with Foresight Energy Company and long careers in the utility, power marketing and power project development businesses. Learn more about Foresight Wind Energy's key personnel and their experience.

Selected Foresight Energy Company Consulting Qualifications:

  • Wind Technology and Cost Analysis, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
    EPRI selected Foresight in 2003 to carry out a major update of its Wind Technology Assessment Guidebook (TAG) and the accompanying cost screening model. Foresight was charged with providing a commercial project developer's perspective and ensuring that these materials accurately reflect current market trends regarding wind project development and finance, power contracting, environmental compliance, turbine and balance of plant technology development, operational and grid integration issues and costs, as well as important regulatory developments.
  • Renewable Program Support, California Energy Commission (CEC)
    Foresight partnered with Kema-Xenergy to support the CEC in implementing the new California Renewable Portfolio Standard legislation. Foresight tasks included evaluation of benchmark pricing for various renewable technologies, as well as a full analysis of renewable supply potential in California and across the WECC.
  • Wind Project Marketing, SeaWest Windpower, Inc.
    SeaWest, a leading independent wind developer globally, commissioned Foresight to seek power purchase agreements or a buyer for a group of wind projects. Foresight identified and worked with a range of potential power and project buyers, providing detailed market, economic and financial analyses, and brokered a final acquisition agreement for several large wind projects.
  • Renewable Procurement Strategy, Green Power Market Development Group
    The Green Power Market Development Group (GPMDG) is a consortium of Fortune 500 companies brought together under the auspices of the World Resources Institute and Businesses for Social Responsibility for the purpose of catalyzing corporate markets for renewable energy. Membership includes IBM, General Motors, DuPont, Alcoa, Pitney Bowes, Cargill Dow, Interface, Delphi Electronics and Kinko's. Foresight provided technical support to the group, identifying, analyzing and structuring opportunities for procurement of renewable energy that maximize environmental benefit and market development, while minimizing cost.
  • Green Power Procurement & Marketing, Enron Power Marketing
    In 1997, Enron Power Marketing contracted Foresight to act as its agent in developing both the supply and demand sides of the wholesale green power market in the Western U.S. In the process, Foresight worked closely with all significant retailers in California, helping them structure and position retail green product offerings and entered power purchase agreements with a wide range of wind and other renewable projects for supply. Enron offered to acquire Foresight in 1998. After refusing that offer, Foresight terminated its relationship with Enron in 1999.
  • Green Power Market Assessment for New Wind Projects, enXco
    EnXco, a leading operator and developer of wind generation, hired Foresight to assess wholesale green power market opportunities and strategies for bringing new wind generation to market, including Renewable Energy Credit marketing strategies.
  • Investment Strategy, Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF)
    CCEF is charged with investing the renewable system benefits charge funds for the State of Connecticut. Foresight partnered with Booz, Allen & Hamilton's Utilities Practice to develop a detailed analysis of the market and market prospects for a full range of renewable energy technologies in the Northeast and to develop an investment strategy that will create a balanced portfolio of renewable technology and project development investments.
  • Green Power Contract Development, Kinko's and Green Mountain Energy
    Green Mountain Energy retained Foresight to assist in structuring its offer to Kinko's, including steering it though regulatory issues and insuring that each Kinko's location received an optimized service package. Kinko's was GreenMountain's first national scale commercial customer and Foresight worked extensively with Kinko's to assess its needs and with GreenMountain to develop the required capabilities to serve those needs.
  • Marketing Biomass Generation Plant, Biomass Energy Developer
    Foresight worked to structure the sale of an existing 25-megawatt biomass power plant to a large agricultural products company. The structure would allow the buyer to maintain its current electricity supply contracts and provider, while using ownership of the plant to hedge its exposure to electricity and natural gas price increases. The plant can also utilize the buyer's agricultural byproducts and waste streams as fuel, providing a high-value use for its waste streams, mitigating environmental regulatory liability related to the waste streams, and further hedging electricity price risk.
  • Wind Power Procurement Assessment, Major Multinational Corporation
    Booz, Allen & Hamilton retained Foresight to develop strategies and transactions by which a major multinational, non-utility client could utilize purchases of wind power to reduce electricity costs, hedge electricity price volatility, serve load and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Assessment of Real-Time Pricing Impacts on Retail Electricity Markets & Distributed Technologies, E Source
    E Source, a leading technology information provider to the utility industry, commissioned Byrne Associates (precursor to Foresight) to research and co-author a major strategic issues paper on the advent of real-time price volatility in retail power markets and on applications for on-site load control and distributed generation technologies to mitigate volatility risk. This report is only available to E Source subscribers.
  • Renewable Availability & Cost Assessment, Major Southeastern Utility
    The Brattle Group, a major Boston based management consulting firm, retained Foresight to lead the development of a renewable resource availability and cost assessment, as well as a renewable procurement strategy for a major Southeastern utility.
  • Commercial Scale Solar Project Marketing, PowerLight, Inc.
    PowerLight, the leading national integrator of commercial scale photovoltaic installations, engaged Foresight to plan a marketing strategy and to develop the green power market for its products. This work included a detailed investigation of PV costs and market barriers.
  • Business Plan Development, Green-e Program, Center for Resource Solutions
    The Center for Resource Solutions, manager of the Green-e green power certification program, retained Foresight to develop strategies and a business plan to grow Green-e nationally and to incorporate new market developments.
  • Green Power Market Assessment and Strategic Review, Suncor
    Suncor, a major Canadian producer of fossil fuels, commissioned Foresight to assess retail and wholesale green power market opportunities, as well as opportunities for renewable generation asset ownership.
  • Commercial Green Power Product Development, PG&E Energy Services
    PG&E Energy Services, a leading retailer to commercial/industrial customers prior to its prior to its acquisition by Enron, used Foresight to help it structure green power products and content for sale to national accounts.
  • Assessment of California Green Power Market Experience, Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (CEERT)
    CEERT, an advocacy organization with membership including renewable generators and leading national environmental groups, commissioned Foresight to write a major white paper detailing the California green power market experience to date from a retail marketer business perspective. The report focuses on the residential segment and is used to educate regulators and market participants nationally. It is available at

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