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Partnering with Rural Land Owners and Tribes
to Develop Wind Energy in the Southwest

Foresight Wind Energy is at the forefront of wind development in the Desert Southwest and other western states. With roots in power marketing, utility consulting, project development, financial structuring, and renewable energy consulting, Foresight Wind Energy has the skills and experience to advance wind projects from concept to reality. Fundamental to our approach is building long-term relationships with land owners, tribes, local and state governments, regulators, and electric utilities. Foresight currently has over 2,000 megawatts of wind projects under development.

We are committed to working creatively and collaboratively to develop projects that:

  • Generate clean, sustainable and cost-competitive electricity
  • Promote economic development for rural communities and tribes
  • Protect the environment and displace air emissions and water use
  • Improve energy security for current and future generations.
Foresight works nationally with its central office located in San Francisco, CA and satellite offices located in Flagstaff, AZ, with boots on the ground wherever the wind blows.